Emissions Analytics

Our CarTuner harmonizes the vehicle’s electrical energy field. We know that this neutralizes exposure to electrosmog. Many highly sensitive customers have confirmed this to us.

But the CarTuner also has an effect on the engine’s combustion process. We wanted to know for sure and commissioned an independent company, Emissions Analytics Ltd. in England, to investigate this in more detail.

The effect of the CarTuner in the test

Emissions Analytics has certified that the CarTuner not only reduces fuel consumption by up to 4.6%, but also CO2 emissions by up to 4.4%.

What is sensational, however, is that the CarTuner reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 40% and nitrogen oxides by up to 13%.

The detailed results of this investigation and details of the test procedure can be found here: Emissions Analytics Test

Other tests

Water crystal pictures

Water crystal images ingeniously show the information status of the examined water. We have the Japanese Masuro Emoto to thank for this process, who left the physical plane in October 2014, but whose spiritual legacy continues to fascinate our world and is still being cultivated by the Emoto Labos.

Aschoff stimulus test

Olaf Baumunk is a bioplasmatist and runs an institute for resonance phenomena in southern Germany. He tests the effects of products on the human organism. He uses the Aschoff stimulus test for this purpose.

Own test drive: London - Edinburgh

Our CarTuner was originally developed to neutralize electrosmog in vehicles and counteract common symptoms such as nausea, headaches, lack of concentration, aggression, microsleep and premature exhaustion.

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