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Free preventive measures

There is a lot of stuff out there that you can buy and try and most of it costs money. If you just want to try out a couple of preventive measures for free that can reduce the amount of EMF influence on your body then just follow some of the steps below.

These are just steps that we have collated through years of experience, talking to clients and reading other peoples opinion, this is in no way a definitive list and should not be send as the end all and be all answer to the topic of EMF. Some of these steps are quite extreme and are definitely NOT for everyone.

These steps only reduce the amount of EMFs in your immediate vicinity and does not provide relief like Swiss Harmony products do.

Free preventive measures


Only submit yourself to X-rays, MRI’s or CT scans in emergency situations. Although exceptional diagnostic tools, these procedures are extremely taxing on the body and will only make your symptoms worse if you suffer from EHS. Unless your situation is dire, it would be unwise to submit to them excessively.

Unplug unused devices

Unplug all electrical equipment when not in use. Even when something is turned off it will still conduct ‘dirty electricity’ from power surges and bring that into the room and closer to you.

Remove or unplug lamps and other electrical equipment from occasional and end tables, if they are near to where you will be sitting. This includes telephones. Use overhead lighting or place lamps at a distance from where you will be sitting.


Do not use a microwave oven. These not only emit high levels of EMF’s but they also irradiate your food, causing it to be less nutritious. (Some research suggests that microwaves kill off cancer retardant substances)


All metal can act as an attracting agent to EMFs. Items can include but are not limited to: Bathtubs, jewellery, metal studs, etc.

Other preventive measures

Corded Phones

Get rid of cordless phones… you’ll get used to it again. A speakerphone will reduce your exposure even more.

Wireless Internet and Bluetooth systems

Hard wire it. This is one of the best preventive measures to reduce the impact. (Bluetooth applications include all close range wireless communication devices such as wireless keyboards, mouse, printers, hands-free headsets, gaming consoles, bar code scanners.)

Wired baby monitors

Use corded, plug in, sound activated type and keep the wireless ones well away from your baby. Preventive measures to protect our babies are the most important.

Cell phones

Use a landline. Some people keep one in their glove compartment in case of emergencies. Not using a cell phone regularly, not only protects you and those near you but it also reduces the number of signals transmitting from cell phone towers and improves the environment for everyone. This is one of the more difficult preventive measures to implement especially as we are so dependent on them now.

Replace fluorescent light bulbs with incandescent or LED

Energy saving light bulbs can contain mercury

Although the government is encouraging everyone to use fluorescent bulbs, they only have power savings in mind. They are toxic in more ways than one: they emit strong EMFs and contain mercury.

Power lines

Live as far away as possible from power lines, power substations, electric-bus cables.


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