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Part 7: What comes after burnout?

If you suffer from burnout, we suggest that you take some of the steps we outline in the above section “How can I avoid burnout?”

Additionally, we recommend seeking out a therapist or counselor with whom you feel comfortable. This may take time and patience, but finding the right fit is key. Therapy can help you to address your fears and feelings and to identify the source of your problems. It’s important to ask yourself questions such as:

What caused me to ignore my own needs for so long?

What led me to become so fixated on power and/or money?

What warning signs from friends or colleagues did I overlook or dismiss?

Were there other warning signs? What were they? What can I do to recognize them in the future?

How can I ensure that I don’t find myself in the same place in a few years time?

Swiss Harmony products help prevent burnout

As we discuss at length on this website, electrosmog, earth rays and water veins promote burnout by consistently weakening your body. They are everywhere and they emit radiation constantly. Remember when we used the barrel model to illustrate how these fields affect your body? Exposure to these influences alone filled your personal rain barrel by at least 40% and possibly as much as 60%. When this happens, your body becomes increasingly less capable of defending itself. Swiss Harmony specializes in rendering these influences ineffective.

The most effective way to reduce environmental stress is to harmonize your home or apartmentRead more about it here.

We also offer mobile solutions for personal protection. These products can be found in our shop.


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