Part 5: When children sleep poorly

At bedtime, children often invent excuses and may do just about anything in order to avoid going to sleep. They eat more slowly or take twice as much time to put on their pyjamas. They want us to sit at their bedside for hours, tell stories, read aloud, or sing a lullaby. When you think that they’ve finally fallen asleep and you’ve left the room, they appear in your doorway or wherever you happen to be saying, “Mommy, I can’t fall asleep!”

If children cannot fall asleep, it’s important to find out why. There’s usually a good reason.
If children cannot fall asleep, it’s important to find out why. There’s usually a good reason.

We would do well to take our children seriously because healthy and balanced kids want to go to bed when it’s time and falling asleep isn’t an issue. Many parents could confirm this. In most cases, if children are reluctant to go to bed and won’t fall asleep, they have good reasons, even if they can’t recognize or verbalize what they are. The various causes of insomnia we discuss above may account for why your child has trouble falling asleep.

Electrosmog in the nursery causes sleep disorders

Even if everything in your child’s nursery seems to be fine, there may be external electromagnetic influences that are preventing your child from sleeping. As Devra Davis explains,

“The amount of radio frequency that any biological tissue can take in depends on four things: how often the waves are being transmitted, the size of their tallest waves, the power with which they are being created, and the amount of fluid or fat that makes up the specific tissue. The brains of children have a pretty high fluid content compared to those of adults

[….] [Additionally,] Children’s skulls and bone marrow are thinner and much more absorptive than those of adults [….] [As a result, their] “heads can absorb double or more the radio frequency energy of adults’ heads” (Davis, 2011, 73).

Since infants and children are especially susceptible to EMFs, it is crucial to avoid using bedding with electronic sensors, fluorescent lights, and other electronics in your child’s room. However, you may feel that some devices, such as a baby monitor, are necessary for your child’s safety. These days, many baby monitors are both wireless and digital and emit extremely high levels of radiation throughout the baby’s room. Experts recommend using an old-fashioned plug-in model and placing it at least six feet from your child (Crofton, 2012, 195).

Appliances and electronics in nearby rooms can also transmit electromagnetic radiation that affects the baby’s sleeping environment. Even the field created by a cordless phone from a neighbor’s apartment can be extremely disruptive. Remember, cells that are growing are particularly vulnerable. While infants may be the most defenceless against EMFS, we continue to be more vulnerable than the average adult throughout adolescence and into our twenties. As Davis writes,

“The young brain continues to grow throughout childhood and adolescence. It’s not just the sheer number of brain cells or neurons that increase, it’s also the ways that they are connected to one another. Over time, fatty coatings of myelin surround neurons, giving them more strength and resilience[….] It will not surprise parents who have survived teenage drivers in the family to learn that the human brain does not fully mature until the twenties.” (Davis, 2011, 7).

Trust your child’s intuition—if he/she cannot fall asleep, does not want to go to bed, or acts out at bedtime, there is probably a reason and it’s important to get to the source of the problem. Just testing the nursery for earth rays, water veins and electrosmog might be enough.

The SlumberBuddy or a full harmonization by Swiss Harmony offers a reliable remedy.

The SlumberBuddy prevents sleep disorders

The SlumberBuddy in your bed ensures a deep sleep, free from the influences of electrosmog, earth rays and water veins. The SlumberBuddy is a new product from Swiss Harmony and helps with insomnia. In most cases, as long as sleep disturbances are the result of geopathic and electromagnetic environmental influences, it can ensure ideal sleeping conditions. More information about the SlumberBuddy can be found in the online shop.


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