Phyllis Traver

As a certified Building Biologist, Phyllis measures EMFs, chemical & biological pollutants, and other indoor climate factors in residential properties, and offers solutions to reduce them for the purpose of creating healthier indoor environments and helping her clients thrive.

She earned an advanced degree from Harvard University and has had a corporate career. She transitioned to a second career in the health and wellness field to “give back” to the community and to be “part of the solution” rather than part of the problem, aiming to live sustainably and reducing her ecological footprint. She is a spiritual person, outgoing, and enjoys connecting well with people. She can think critically, which is especially helpful in
her work.

Phyllis runs her own company:

Safe & Sound Home LLC
204 Surplus Rd
Duxbury, MA 02332-4505

T: (866) 725-0213


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