Richard Neubersch

I was born in Germany on July 30, 1951, the child of a construction worker and a mother who worked part-time as a domestic help.

I started my career as a forwarding agent and became Managing Director of a subsidiary of an international forwarding company in Hanover at the age of 24.

At 27, I successfully sold my first newspaper publishing company.

I spent 23 years in Portugal as an independent real estate consultant.

My education was extended by two years at a naturopathic school in Düsseldorf, one year at a radionics school near Hamburg and one year at an anthroposophical institute near Stuttgart.

A deeper inner search began for me around the age of 32, when I felt the desire to delve deeper into the meaning of life.

On my spiritual path I was guided by teachers such as Muktananda, Gurumayi, Daskalos, Rudolf Steiner and the “Guides” of Paul Selig.

It took me almost three decades to realize that true understanding does not lie in external exploration, but in the inner feeling and recognition of one’s own essence and the expression of this inner truth.

I am firmly convinced that nothing and no one exists separately from God. We are all inextricably linked to the source of creation. The true goal lies in listening to the quiet, innermost impulses of this source within us and following them. We should not be guided by the selfish motives of our ego, but align ourselves with the deep wisdom and guidance that emanates from our highest self in harmony with the source.

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