Lyme disease and electrosmog

A few years ago, I had an outbreak of Lyme disease. On the alternative healing path, a naturopath once asked me: “Tell me, did you come into greater contact with electrosmog during the time you had Lyme disease than before?” So I started to think about whether that could be the case.
We have an old telephone with cable (so no DECT telephone), I don’t have a cell phone and we didn’t use “wireless”, but suddenly I realized that I was feeling worse and worse from the very moment that a very large cell phone antenna was installed on the neighboring house (same height as our apartment – about 40m away), whose directional beam goes right through our apartment.
As I was never afraid of electrosmog and its effects on my body and soul, I didn’t think much of it when this mobile phone antenna was installed. But when I was made aware of the connection between the outbreak of Lyme disease and electrosmog exposure, we started to find out what options were available to protect ourselves from electrosmog.
During this search, we heard from a good friend that the Swiss-Harmony system had created a much more pleasant indoor climate in his home and that they generally felt much better and free of complaints, both mentally and physically, after the system had been installed in all rooms.
I didn’t know Swiss Harmony at the time and was honestly skeptical, but our friend told me: “You can take a look at it without obligation, get advice, install the system and have the electrosmog eliminated, and if after a few months you have the feeling that “nothing has worked”, you’ll get your money back.”
So we thought, if that’s not a great offer. If it does no good, it does no harm and we can only gain from the attempt and lose nothing. So we made an appointment with Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony and had the entire harmonization (including water ….) and elimination process carried out in our home and on us.
As soon as Richard Neubersch had inserted a device into our fuse box, my heart felt completely different: I felt completely at ease, wide and light and joy spread from my heart.
At this point, I have to say that I was still very skeptical at the time! So this could not be a placebo effect. But I thought to myself, maybe it’s something else, you never know…
But it is exciting that at the very moment the device was activated, all this was going on in my body and in my heart!
I experienced the days that followed with great amazement. For the first time in six years, I was able to feel more vitality and, above all, joy more clearly than usual during the “illness phase”! After six years of living with “outbreaks of borrelia” that continuously attacked and “destroyed” my immune system, made themselves felt in all my organs with inflammations and attacked my nervous system in the most intensive way, I was totally exhausted. The borrelia didn’t just live on the potassium and other trace elements that I ate every day through fine, healthy food. I had the feeling that in addition to the trace elements, they were also making use of my reservoir of joy…
After six years of relapses, pain, insecurities and fears… I was no longer able to feel any real joy. I have to say that I am a very optimistic person and that it took many years with an outbreak of Lyme disease for me to get to this point emotionally.
Well, I still had better and worse times after the harmonization and cleansing, but from the time of the installation I felt much better physically and mentally…

Gabi and Urs

Gabi and Urs

I am aware that there are other “steps” needed for a holistic cure of Lyme disease. But from this emotional state in which I am now and without a body that is full of electrosmog, this path is much easier, more joyful and carefree!!!!
In June 2012, the Swiss-Harmony system was installed in our home and in March 2013 I saw the naturopath. During this visit, she tested the electrosmog levels in my body, among other things. The result was: No more electrosmog in my body!
Finally, I would like to mention that since the installation of Swiss Harmony, I always carry the Swiss Harmony BodyCard with me when I leave the apartment so that I am free from electrosmog pollution outside my harmonized apartment.
I would like to thank Swiss Harmony and Richard Neubersch from the bottom of my heart for the great gift he has given me with harmonization. I recommend anyone who feels that they could use more strength in their body, who wishes to live with fewer unpleasant symptoms and all people who are in the process of healing, who cannot develop freely and easily, to get to know and try the Swiss-Harmony-System!

We have to take the path to healing ourselves from within, for example by practicing mindfulness and being aware of what is going on in our innermost being at any given moment.
It has helped me a lot on my journey, in everyday life, in all my encounters with people and in challenges…. to consciously choose thoughts that create a “high vibration” in me. These are all the thoughts that feel good! Thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, for example, create a very high energy vibration.
Sometimes on our healing path we also need to lovingly set healthy boundaries, go for more walks in nature to bring fresh air and oxygen into the whole body, change our diet, give ourselves more space, space for compassionate, unconditional love towards ourselves and therefore towards everything that is and lives, space for doing nothing and enjoying ourselves, to rest and relax, space to simply be there – to allow the wonderful energy within us to expand….

Last but not least, we are allowed to like, accept and love ourselves exactly as we are!
On the path to healing, we can learn to trust even more deeply that everything is good as it is, that we are good and absolutely perfect, regardless of whether we are healthy or ill! Beyond all our experiences on earth, we are perfect, indestructible Divine Beings.
But even if we are allowed to take and live our own healing steps, I can say from my experience that the Swiss-Harmony-System can support us gently, wonderfully and lovingly on this path!
Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!
With wide, loving heartfelt greetings to all of you who are reading this experience report and are perhaps also on the way to finding support that could gently support your well-being, your quality of life and your health and that of your loved ones.
From the heart with love
Gabi Stüssi

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