We have already published several articles on the subject of “Dangerous mobile communications”. Here we would like to recommend an informative article from the world of mobile communications opponents; we personally know and appreciate the scientist mentioned therein, Dr. George Carlo.

In the 1990s, Dr. George Carlo was commissioned by a consortium of American mobile phone operators to carry out scientific studies to prove that mobile phones are harmless to humans. He has been given a budget of more than 20 million US dollars for this.

When he presented his results about 3 years later, which proved the exact opposite, his clients decided that they should never be published.

Dr. Carlo was determined to make them accessible to the general public anyway, but was quickly thwarted because not only he but also his family were faced with drastic consequences. Among other things, his house was on fire one day…

The following text is from Peter Tocci, Opinions & Editorial, Leominsterchamp.com, dated Aug 22, 2014:

I must draw attention to the serious situation regarding mobile phone technology. Many researchers are already sounding the alarm, including three key figures:

  • Epidemiologist Dr. George Carlo
  • Neuroscientist Prof. Olle Johansson from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden
  • Barrie Trower, physicist and former British Royal Navy microwave weapons expert.

The problem with safety standards is that the FCC relies on radiation limits that do not cause tissue heating. The well-known fact that low levels of radiation slowly and cumulatively cause serious damage is conveniently avoided. The greatest danger is to fetuses, especially female fetuses, and children. Now and almost everywhere! Without devaluing social fears about drugs and child abduction etc., the danger of “microwave radiation” should be given top priority. This dangerous technology can be found everywhere and is often part of child-oriented advertising. Unfortunately, we are observing corrupt behavior on the part of the regulatory authority in order to protect the profits of the mobile communications industry at the expense of the population and the environment.

In simple terms, it can be said that living cells interpret weak microwave radiation as “unknown, therefore dangerous”. In their self-defense, the cell membranes stop the transport/exchange. Intercellular communication decreases and finally there is DNA damage, which can be inherited.

Professor Johansson emphasizes that every organ and every system is susceptible, as is also explained in this video:


The effects also include infertility, weakening of the immune system, hormonal imbalances and cancer.

Barrie Trower explains that governments originally conducted research into weak, pulsating microwave radiation to find weapons that could cause disease and manipulate minds. This was decades before telecommunications began to use this technology!

Quote: “I don’t think I have ever encountered so many lies in my life as what is now being spread by the government. To put it simply, they did the research, knew about the dangers and then lied to the public! The American, Canadian and Australian governments lied. The telecom industry and the part of the government that supports it financially will be responsible for more civilian deaths and suffering than all the terrorist groups in the world combined… is this genocide? Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt…” – Barrie Trower.

Trower goes on to say that anyone who installs wi-fi in schools should be imprisoned for life.

What needs to be done? Homework! Don’t trust the official guidelines, tell others what you know and demand that politicians, authorities and the mobile phone industry finally publish the truth. In the meantime, we should go back to using wired phones and, above all, not use wi-fi based devices, as these emit the worst frequencies.

It’s about life… and our DNA…

With the statements quoted above, we do not want to join in a smear campaign against the mobile communications industry. However, we would like to encourage our readers to inform themselves about the topic from various sources in order to form their own opinion.

Source: http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.ch

Original article on: http://www.leominsterchamp.com/news/2014-08-22/Opinions_%28and%29_Editorial/Wireless_technology_convenient_fun_and_quite_dange.html