Electrosmog – Is it all in your head?

A study by Michael Witthöft, a psychologist at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, came to the conclusion that fear of electrosmog can trigger symptoms of illness, even if there is no measurable radiation exposure.

This is food for thought. Are electrosensitive people just imaginary sick people? Is electrosmog ultimately completely harmless and safe?

How does the nocebo effect affect Swiss Harmony? Read how Thomas fared.

Details of the “electrosmog study”

The study was conducted in close cooperation with King’s College London and involved 147 participants in London.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group was shown a video highlighting the health risks of Wi-Fi and mobile phone radiation. The other group watched a video about data security.

The test subjects were then told that they would now be exposed to a WLAN signal for 15 minutes. The test subjects were not informed that there was in fact no WLAN signal.

The result was that 54% of all participants reported severe symptoms, in particular lack of concentration, anxiety, headaches, dizziness and tingling sensations. Two of the test subjects had to stop prematurely because they could no longer withstand the radiation.

In the first group, who had seen the video about possible electrosmog exposure, the proportion of those affected was significantly higher.

The study was able to prove that the physical complaints were not imaginary, as magnetic resonance imaging examinations showed that the regions of the brain that process pain were actually active in those affected.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the cause of the test subjects’ reactions was due to the nocebo effect. The expectations and feelings of fear of those affected led to the physical reactions.

The nocebo effect

It is, so to speak, the antithesis of the placebo. A placebo is a medicine that looks and is packaged like a pharmaceutical product. In reality, however, it does not contain any relevant ingredients. Doctors and therapists have been able to achieve good healing results by administering placebos.

The nocebo is not a drug, but a phenomenon that the pharmaceutical industry discovered when it gave placebos to test subjects in several series of trials and was able to prove that the reference to risks and side effects on their packaging was sufficient to induce precisely these effects in patients.

In principle, the London study by Michael Witthöft confirmed nothing else.

Is it all just imagination?

What to do with this realization? Are the many electrosensitives just hypochondriacs? Is electrosmog actually completely harmless and safe? And what role do shielding measures play? What role does Swiss Harmony play? Is Swiss Harmony just an offer that provides imaginary help to the many imaginary sick people? These are legitimate questions that many pragmatically-minded people answer with a clear YES.

But let’s take a closer look: What have they really found out?

The power of imagination
Imagination alone gets the salivary glands working at full speed

Imagination alone gets the salivary glands working at full speed


The term imagination often has a negative connotation, and wrongly so. But it actually only means that we form an image of something. We think of a concept and form a picture of it. This is a constant process in every moment of our lives, because we think and speak with words, with concepts and constantly trigger images in ourselves and in others.

Imagine biting into a lemon! What happens? Have your salivary glands activated? Are there any other reactions in your body?

The fact is that the idea of biting into a lemon can lead to physical reactions. In the same way, the idea of sunbathing in the Maldives can lead to physical relaxation.

In fact, every single thought triggers involuntary biophysical and chemical reactions that affect our mind, emotions, heart and other organs.

The power of decision

Most of these reactions are involuntary. We cannot influence the production and distribution of certain hormones or other carriers in the body. But by virtue of our freedom of choice, we can decide for ourselves how certain words and images are to be classified in our experience. The conscious person has the choice to get angry when someone insults him or her, or to remain polite and unimpressed. Depending on his decision, the emotional, physical and mental reactions then follow in fractions of a second.

So when I hold a medicine in my hands and read the side effects, I automatically form an image of the terms that might mean headache and tiredness. But whether I give them the power depends on my decision. Do I think this warning is important or am I convinced that it does not concern me?

What I think and allow contributes to my truth, shapes my reality, becomes reality for me.

Electrosmog and imagination

It’s actually like a vicious circle for Thomas. He had been living in electrosmog for so long and became sensitive at some point. He feels it physically today. Wherever he goes, he immediately notices when there is heavy exposure to cell towers, cell phones, smartphones or WLAN. He often feels physical reactions and only realizes that a transmitter mast is the cause when he looks around. Due to the omnipresence of transmission masts and cell phones, electrosmog and how to avoid it has become a central issue in Thomas’ life.

On the beach in the Maldives - only in your imagination, of course!

On the beach in the Maldives – only in your imagination, of course!


He recently had his own house cleared by Swiss Harmony. Now he feels safe at home because he can no longer feel any electrosmog.

When his old friend Roman visits him after a long time and he tells him about his experiences with electrosmog, Roman says: “You don’t really believe that all the electrosmog is gone just because someone put something on your power line! Don’t kid yourself! That’s physically impossible.” Roman took out his phone and dialed a number. “Well? Don’t tell me you can’t feel anything!”

Of course Thomas felt something. Triggered by his friend’s doubts, he had allowed himself to be unsettled and allowed the thought that his cell phone could harm him. A “conceit”, as I described above. The “imagination” leads to physical reactions and Thomas is disappointed. Is Swiss Harmony not working?

Yes, it is! Swiss Harmony works. However, his imagination also works. In the midst of a big city and its noise, we can lie down on a patch of grass and imagine we are on a beach on an island in the Maldives. Why should it not be possible to have physical perceptions of electrosmog in a fully harmonized house?

Do you know the story of the warehouse worker from Hamburg who was accidentally trapped after unloading a refrigerated truck on a hot summer weekend? When the driver opened his refrigerated truck in Nuremberg on Monday morning, he found the worker dead on the loading area. The doctor confirmed death by freezing to death. Everyone was totally shocked because the driver had already switched off the refrigeration unit when he arrived in Hamburg.

A classic that explains the nocebo effect very clearly.

Swiss Harmony reliably eliminates electrosmog, earth radiation, water veins, food and drinking water pollution because the technology is based on the laws of physics.

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