Electrosmog – curse or blessing?

Electrosmog is on everyone’s lips today. No wonder, because he puts on weight almost every day. We humans are probably the most affected by the ongoing developments in the telecommunications industry. The introduction of the new data transfer frequencies, known as LTE or 4G, considerably increases the radiation exposure for humans and animals.

Quickly send a photo to dad in America! Three taps and he can see his daughter. Are new technologies bringing us humans closer together?

Quickly send a photo to dad in America! Three taps and he can see his daughter. Are new technologies bringing us humans closer together?

For most people, technological evolution is something wonderful. Who doesn’t enjoy the latest smartphones with all their practical possibilities? A short video or snapshot of the cute granddaughter and quickly sent to grandma or grandpa! Wonderful. The grandparents are delighted.

Or take the business world: the latest results, contract drafts, important shots of real estate that decide whether to buy or reject and much more is now a breeze thanks to our technology.

There are countless examples of the meaningfulness that lies in the further development of technical possibilities.

Seen in this light, it can be said that the technology available to us can be a blessing. But unfortunately, it also has a dark side: the omnipresence and intensity of what we now call electrosmog.

Are we suffering from electrosmog without knowing it?

But electrosmog is also a curse for mankind. Not only because more and more people are suffering physically from its effects, but especially because the majority of the population suffers from it without realizing it.

The industry does everything it can to deny or play down the health risks. Their financial and political power is so great that neither the media, politicians nor research institutes have the courage to inform the public about the downsides of our technological progress.

The implications of public recognition of the harmful effects of electrosmog on health are a threat to the existence of many companies, as they would result in liability and compensation claims on an unmanageable scale.

So we can only hope that companies are secretly looking for less harmful transfer options, because the abolition of what is, is understandably unthinkable for everyone.

Another possible solution is to protect ourselves from these radiation fields. There are enough offers on the market that are not listed here. Most of them also have notable downsides, which we have discussed in more detail on our information page on the subject of electrosmog.

But in this blog post we want to mention that it contradicts our understanding of the world and of life if we support the theory that we are separate from anything. “Us and the others out there” is an illusion and only creates hatred and wars. So the idea that we need to protect ourselves from the evil rays is not really advisable because it distances us from the truth.

But there are also ways of dealing with electrosmog and other environmental pollution. Swiss Harmony offers one of these by creating a harmonious field in the home, at work or in the car. Where there is harmony, no frequencies that lie outside the harmonic spectrum can harm us. It is comparable to a sweet melody that only attracts people who like it. Do you remember the saying? “Where there’s singing, let yourself go!”

If you would like to find out more about the technology behind Swiss Harmony , please read here.

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