Junge Frau lehnt sich aufgrund des Elektrosmogs im Auto erschöpft aufs Lenkrad

Internet on the road: electromagnetic pollution without an end in sight?

Electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) in the car is an issue that is always current. The number of people who have unexplained complaints about their car or simply do not feel as comfortable in their new car, is growing steadily.

Do you know these symptoms during or after driving?

  • Feeling drained after a long drive, circulatory problems
  • Concentration or orientation problems despite navigation system
  • Children complain of discomfort
  • Headache
  • Legs: tingling or numbness
  • Irritation for no apparent reason
  • Burning Skin

Mostly these symptoms arise for the first time, when a new car is purchased, or if you drive a rental car or as a passenger in a newer car of a friend. But how is it explained?

Magnetic fields in automobiles have long been an issue, some highly elevated values ​​come largely from tires that have steel inserts. However, these can be demagnetised in garages that have the appropriate device.

For a few years now the level of electromagnetic pollution in a car has increased rapidly from various sources in the vehicle. Here is a list of high-frequency radiation influences in a car:

  • The passengers’ mobile devices (smartphone, tablets etc), that continually look for reception and send/receive information. (Mobile, WiFi and/or Bluetooth)
  • The hands-free system for mobile phones usually works with Bluetooth.
  • Parking sensors and cameras scan the environment of the car
  • Ongoing radio links for digital networking with other cars (car-to-car)
  • Road monitoring
  • Navigation devices with “Live” service (congestion and site reports) produce radiation with the same intensities as a mobile phone in use.
  • Auto Service contacts and emergency function in the event of an accident (location transmission)
  • Many mobile phone antennas are directly along the main roads and highways.

The low-frequency electric fields are also higher in modern and newer cars than before. Control signals are modulated onto the battery current. These are used to control many common comfort functions like:

  • Heated seats, windscreens, steering wheels
  • Electronics for ParkAssist, distance control etc.
  • Alarm system
  • Monitoring the airbag deployment
  • Monitoring of various vehicle functions
  • electric windows, mirrors.
  • and many many more….

Other new features are added constantly. The development of autonomous vehicles is well underway. All these functions require cameras, sensors, WiFi links for orientation etc.

To counteract these unpleasant effects during the driving experience, we have developed the CarTuner, which “harmonizes” the electromagnetic pollution inside the car. In a harmonized car, humans and animals arrive rested and safe in a pleasant atmosphere at their destination. According to our customer reports a “side effect” of the device is that the fuel consumption is significantly decreased with the CarTuner.


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