Electrosmog in the car

Internet on the road: endless electrosmog?

Electrosmog in cars is a topic that is becoming increasingly topical. The number of people who experience inexplicable discomfort in their car or simply don’t feel comfortable in their new car is increasing.

Are you familiar with this discomfort during or after driving?

  • Feeling exhausted after a long car journey, circulatory problems
  • Concentration or orientation problems despite navigation system
  • Children on board complain of feeling unwell
  • Headache
  • Legs: tingling or numbness
  • Irritability for no apparent reason
  • Skin burning

These symptoms often occur for the first time when a new car is purchased, in a rental car or when riding in a friend’s newer car. But how can this be explained?

Magnetic fields in cars have been an issue for a long time, and the sometimes greatly increased values come largely from tires that have steel inserts. However, these can be demagnetized in garages that have the appropriate equipment.

For a few years now, however, electrosmog in cars from various sources has been increasing rapidly. Here is a list of high-frequency radiation influences in the car:

  • Passengers carry their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) which may be constantly transmitting and searching for a network. (mobile radio, w-lan and/or Bluetooth)
  • The hands-free system for cell phones usually works with Bluetooth. (see our “Knowledge” section)
  • Parking sensors and cameras scan the car’s surroundings
  • Ongoing radio connections for digital networking with other cars (car-to-car)
  • Roadway monitoring
  • Navigation devices with “live” service (traffic jam and construction site messages) generate radiation intensities similar to a cell phone in operation.
  • Car service contacts and emergency call function in the event of an accident (location transmission)
  • Many mobile phone antennas are located directly along the main roads and highways

The low-frequency electric fields in modern and newer cars are also higher than used to be the case, as control signals are also modulated onto the battery current. These are used to control many common convenience functions:

  • Seat heating
  • Electronics for parking assistant, adaptive cruise control, etc.
  • Alarm system
  • Monitoring the airbag deployment
  • Monitoring of various vehicle functions

Further innovations are constantly being added. The development of vehicles that drive and navigate themselves is already well advanced. All these functions require cameras, sensors, radio connections for orientation, etc.

To counteract these unpleasant effects while driving, we have developed the CarTuner, which “harmonizes” the electrosmog in the car. In a harmonized car, people and animals travel calmly and safely to their destination in a pleasant atmosphere. As a “side effect”, our customers have noticed that fuel consumption is significantly reduced with the Car Tuner.

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