Electrosmog from baby monitors?

Electrosmog from baby monitors! Who wants to hear that? We parents are happy that such things exist! We can finally relax as long as the baby monitor doesn’t make a sound. No more constant checking and listening, always worried that our little ones might not be well.

And now they want to denigrate baby monitors? Electrosmog from baby monitors! It can’t be. They are such cute devices and for babies too. They can’t possibly be harmful!

That would be nice, dear visitor! We can also imagine a baby monitor as a product that is baby-friendly in every respect. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Baby monitors are often more harmful than cordless phones

Most baby monitors are nicely disguised DECT telephones. Our cordless landline telephones are based on DECT technology. DECT is the abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and transmits pulsed microwaves.

Sleeping with a teddy bear is much better than with a baby monitor

Sleeping with a teddy bear is much better than with a baby monitor


The average radiated power of a DECT device is approx. 9 mW. This leads to radiation exposure of around 0.1 W/kg, which is below the recommended limit of 2 W/kg. This is an average value and you have to know that the radiation is pulsed and therefore the radiation exposure can be 27 times higher in the short term.

Anyone who still knows that the recommended limits apply to all DECT phones and always to adults can imagine that babies are literally attacked by the baby monitor radiation. This is all the more true if worried parents place the device as close as possible to the child’s head.

Babies don’t just suffer from DECT radiation

The electrosmog generated in the immediate vicinity of baby monitors is more complex and consists of several sources of interference.

1. high-frequency radiation (DECT) generates e-smog

This refers to the pure, high-frequency radiation effect that emanates from the device and is described above.

2. the electromagnetic field of the device generates e-smog

Every electrical device also has a low-frequency field, which can have health effects if exposed to it continuously, especially during sleep. Among other things, we refer to the US study with 800 pregnant women, in which it was shown that the influence of low-frequency fields alone on expectant mothers can increase the risk of asthma in their newborns many times over. Read more.

Here, too, we would like to point out that this study examined the influence of low-frequency fields on adult humans. It quickly becomes logical that infants are affected many times more by such fields.

3. the power supply unit of the baby monitor generates electrosmog

If you have connected the baby monitor to the socket via a power supply unit while it is “on watch”, you should make sure that this power supply unit is at least two to three meters away from the crib, as power supply units generate a much stronger, low-frequency field than simple cables.

How do babies react to electrosmog from baby monitors?

Babies are completely defenceless against electrosmog

Babies are completely defenceless against electrosmog


Babies and small children are more sensitive than adults to electrosmog from baby monitors. Of course, this applies all the more to cell phones and smartphones, DECT cordless phones and WLAN devices. The skullcap of an infant is much thinner and not even fully hardened. As a result, such a small being is literally helplessly at the mercy of these influences and it is considered certain that the influences penetrate far deeper into the brain than in adults.
The small body is in an intensive development phase with significantly increased cell growth. During cell division, DNA breaks caused by electrosmog cannot be ruled out.

Babies can’t clearly tell you if something is wrong with them or if they have a headache. All they can do is shout and, in the worst case, this is misinterpreted. The resulting symptoms can be many and varied and ultimately attentive parents should link any symptoms they experience to the influence of baby monitors or other forms of electrosmog.

As long as there are still no binding and credible studies on the influence of electrosmog on infants and small children, it can also be assumed that this could be the reason for later manifestations such as ADHD.

Do you do without baby monitors altogether because of electrosmog?

What if babies could express themselves like this? There would certainly be no baby monitors in their vicinity.

What if babies could express themselves like this? There would certainly be no baby monitors in their vicinity.


We believe that it is still possible to use baby monitors in the nursery. However, you should heed the following advice:

  • Avoid electromagnetic fields

Banish all unnecessary electrical appliances from the children’s room. These include televisions, radios, trains, racetracks or other electrical toys that are supplied with mains power or transformers.

Do not place the crib near power sockets.

There should also be no extension cables under, behind or on the bed.

Avoid bedside lamps and use ceiling lighting instead.

If at all possible, use battery-powered devices.

Radiant heaters above the changing table should be disconnected from the socket at night. Incidentally, such a radiant heater may be the reason why your baby does not feel comfortable on the changing table.

  • Increase the distance to the baby monitor

The baby monitor and power supply unit should be at least two to three meters away from the crib. The greater the distance, the lower the load.

  • Buy moderate baby monitors

Not all baby monitors are the same. Some models do not send the signal permanently, but only when they are activated by the baby’s noises. It goes without saying that such devices are preferable to other alternatives. We also recommend that you refrain from using devices that report back to you when you have left the range of the transmitter, as this is only possible if there is continuous contact between the devices, i.e. if they are transmitting frequencies without interruption.

In 2011, K-Tipp reported on baby monitors and tested several products. You can view the result here: K-Tipp baby monitor test result

Swiss Harmony eliminates electrosmog from baby monitors

The most clever solution is to use Swiss Harmony. There are several options here:

The Swiss Harmony PhoneCardProd-PhoneCard-front-150x150

It is placed in the battery compartment of the baby monitor, where it ensures that the outgoing frequencies can no longer harm your baby.

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The Swiss Harmony deep sleep bandProd-TSB-150x150

Placed between the mattress and the sheets, your child is not only free from electrosmog but also from earth radiation and water veins. It can sleep soundly and undisturbed.

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The Swiss Harmony home harmonizationThe house in human hands

By having your entire home harmonized, you not only protect your child but also the whole family against the hidden but harmful influences of electrosmog and other environmental pollution.

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