Harmony between the earth’s magnetic field and electrosmog

Increasing exposure to electrosmog and a decreasing electromagnetic field are affecting more and more people on a health and psychological level. The combination of Dieter Broers’ 8-Hertz Nature Field Simulator and Swiss Harmony ‘s harmonization technology harmonizes harmful influences.

How we feel and how well our brain functions is – from a physical point of view – a question of the biochemistry in our body. However, it is usually overlooked that the functions and effects of neurotransmitters and hormones are also influenced by magnetic fields, which have very weak field strengths. As a result, people’s physical and mental health depends to a large extent on their access to the earth’s magnetic field. For example, a long-term study at a Japanese hospital has shown that a number of “diseases of civilization” are linked to the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field protects the earth from harmful radiation from the cosmos. Its oscillation frequency of 7.8 Hz corresponds exactly to the frequency of our brain’s command center, the hypothalamus. Especially in cities, the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed and weakened by artificial frequencies and vibrations, says Richard Neubersch, initiator of the “Electrosmog Research Initiative” project and owner of the company Swiss Harmony in Grellingen (CH), which specializes in harmonizing electrosmog pollution. “If this connection to the Earth’s magnetic field is missing or disturbed, the risk of illness increases and psychological problems become more frequent.” According to Richard Neubersch, this is also confirmed by observations in space travel. In order to stay healthy, people need a connection to the earth’s magnetic field.

Harmonization of harmful radiation

As a German biophysicist, Dieter Broers has been focusing on brain research topics at the interface of “mind” and “matter” since 1980. One of his inventions from 1981 led to the granting of a European patent in 1988. The Nature Field Simulator 8-Hertz (NFS 8) developed by Dieter Broers generates a magnetic field pulsed at 8 Hertz. The device consists of a simple plastic housing with an elaborately manufactured magnetic coil, replaceable high-performance batteries and electronics. “We have found that the NCCR 8 in combination with Swiss Harmony brings additional relief to many people who are extremely affected by electrosmog,” explains Richard Neubersch. With the NCCR 8, people felt more grounded, more collected and regained their strength. In addition, the harmful radiation caused by electrosmog is harmonized thanks to Swiss Harmony technology. “The connection to the Earth’s magnetic field will become increasingly important in the future because natural influences will be increasingly displaced by artificially generated radiation,” says Richard Neubersch. In order to remain healthy, nature – and consequently humans too – need undisturbed oscillations of the earth’s magnetic field, clean rain, low-pollutant air and a balanced supply of nutrients. Because it is practically impossible to escape electrosmog in this day and age, the NFS 8 with Swiss Harmony technology is a helpful companion.

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