Martin Zoller confirms the effect of the BioPatch

Martin Zoller is known for his ability to analyze the human aura. With his sixth sense, he can illuminate people, recognize their personality, analyse their potential and their future.

He is contacted from all over the world for advice on professional, private, interpersonal and spiritual issues.

Politicians, lawyers and business executives are just some of the professional groups that develop their strategies together with him.

At the 2nd Healer Confirmation Day on October 2, 2015 in Greifensee (Switzerland), he agreed to a short experiment with the Swiss Harmony BioPatch. It should be checked whether and how the effect of the BioPatch affects the caller’s aura.

Two people were talking on cell phones in the same room, one of which was unprepared while the second cell phone had a BioPatch. Martin Zoller observed both people during the phone call and simultaneously described how the aura changed in both conversation partners. He explained that the aura of the person with the unprotected cell phone in the head area turned significantly red and became denser. In the second person, he observed that the red discoloration could also be detected, but it did not linger in the head but flowed downwards into the body, while the red became weaker and finally disappeared completely.

The test was carried out a second time with different people and, according to Martin Zoller, resulted in the same processes.

For Richard Neubersch, developer and owner of Swiss Harmony, this is completely logical: “The effect of the BioPatch is shown very well in Martin Zoller’s description. It harmonizes the radiation emitted by the cell phone and thus ensures that it does not irritate the cellular consciousness. This explains why the information can flow through the body. In contrast, the frequencies of the non-interference-suppressed cell phone accumulate in the head, because they cause considerable irritation in the cells and thus have a negative effect on the health of the affected caller.”

In a short summary of the video you can see the concluding statement by Martin Zoller:

You can find the BioPatch in the online store here

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