Mobile phone radiation: personal initiative instead of authorities

When it comes to protecting the population from the effects of mobile phone radiation, the authorities are often anything but in a hurry. Two cases are described on that give food for thought.

According to a report by André Masson from December 17, 2015 on, the authorities like to be particularly “obtuse” when it comes to anything that speaks against mobile communications. This also applies to so-called squinting antennas, i.e. antennas with side control. The new keyword here is: “lateral control” or “beamforming”. The direction of the transmitting antenna is no longer fixed as before, but variable: the call participants are tracked electronically at lightning speed so that they can be served with a stronger signal at any time. SUNRISE/HUAWEI is apparently planning a system in Langenthal that will be equipped with innovative antennas. Two existing antenna systems per sector are to be reassembled in a single, wider housing. According to the report on, the time delay of one signal means that the entire beam can be deflected sideways, as has long been the case with radar screens.

Are the limits for mobile phone radiation really being complied with?

In the case of a “squinting antenna”, it is necessary to check in other apartments whether the legal limits are complied with or not. SUNRISE/HUAWEI did not do this in Langenthal; they continue to calmly calculate with a single beam “straight ahead”, the objectors criticize. Although this fact was criticized in the objection, it allegedly fell on deaf ears with the authorities. After a back-and-forth between the cantonal and federal authorities, lateral control was banned. However, according to the report on, the replacement of the electronic equipment is permitted in the building permit – without notification to the authorities, without a new procedure …

The Federal Court also opens the door to even more radiation exposure

In its latest rulings, the Federal Supreme Court has now also approved the installation of monster antennas with very long ranges in the middle of residential zones, as Hans-U. Jakob writes in his report from mid-December 2015 on In its ruling 1C_7/2015 of 6 November 2015, the Federal Supreme Court definitively departed from its previously sacrosanct intention that, if mobile phone antennas are to be erected in residential zones, they may not serve non-zoned areas such as interurban roads, freeways, railroad lines, agricultural zones, forests or even neighboring municipalities. Because this argument has been used to prevent various monster antennas in residential areas, also with the help of, this principle should now be abandoned.

A consolation plaster

According to, there is still one consolation for the residents of future antenna monsters in this ruling: In the recitals, point 3.5, it is stated that municipalities are still permitted to continue to restrict the construction of mobile phone antennas in residential zones in their municipal building regulations in the sense that they must have a functional connection to this zone and their dimensions and performance must correspond to the equipment that is usual in purely residential zones. However, such a restriction would require a corresponding cantonal or communal regulation regarding residential zones.

Personal initiative and self-protection

Conclusion: If people want to protect themselves from the consequences of mobile phone technology, they are often on the losing end of the hope and trust principle. On the one hand, a high degree of personal initiative and persistence is required, and on the other hand, everyone can protect themselves to a certain extent in their own environment – for example by using these technologies sparingly or protecting themselves within their own four walls with targeted shielding or harmonization measures.

Further information on this topic:

Swiss Harmony: Protection against harmful radiation

“Swiss Harmony” products for harmonizing houses and apartments ensure that the electricity that supplies a building with electricity receives a different message. They transmit the information of the visible light spectrum to the passing current via the resonance path, which in turn distributes it throughout the entire effective range of the circuit. The electromagnetic field of the apartment or house becomes a harmonious field. Home Wi-Fi transmitters or cordless telephones are interference-free because they are connected to the harmonic current field and therefore emit the same harmonic information.

Generate a harmonic oscillation field
The law of resonance states that no resonances can occur in an oscillating field with oscillations whose frequencies lie outside those of the field. In other words: In a harmonic oscillation field, artificial radiation has no effect, regardless of who generates it, whether it comes from a neighbor or a nearby mobile phone mast. The mobile products from Swiss Harmony (BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet and the BioPatch) harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic vibration as information to the human energy system. This means that artificially created radiation fields can no longer resonate.

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