More radiation – less attention and performance – even less health

Because Apple’s iPhone 12 causes excessive radiation exposure, there is a threat of a recall in France. Wouldn’t such measures also be necessary for other devices? After all, the effects of mobile phone radiation on humans have long been known. An Augsburg study took a close look at the effects on children and young people.

While Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 15 in the USA, the older iPhone 12 model is facing a recall in France due to excessive radiation. According to a report in the German medical journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt, the radiation regulator ANFR stated that the model emits electromagnetic waves that are above the permitted limit for the human body. ANFR has instructed the technology company Apple to withdraw the iPhone 12 from sale with immediate effect and to revise models already in circulation in order to bring them “in line with the standard”. Apple now has two weeks to fulfill the requirements. Otherwise, the company would have to “recall” the devices, according to a statement on the ANFR website.

Reduced attention and performance

Whether with an iPhone or another smartphone model – the effects of mobile devices on people have now been investigated in numerous studies. The extent to which smartphones reduce attention and memory performance has been known since 2017 as the brain drain effect, as diagnose:funk reports. In a meta-analysis recently published in the journal Behavioral Sciences, a research team from the University of Augsburg led by school teacher Prof. Dr. Klaus Zierer compared 22 studies and confirmed the effect. Children and young people in particular are known to use their smartphones very intensively. A recent meta-study by the University of Augsburg shows that this can reduce attention and performance. This poses a particular challenge for the media education of children and young people.

Regulate, monitor and support

According to Prof. Dr. Klaus Zierer, this result is particularly relevant for education and upbringing, as children and young people use smartphones particularly intensively. The Augsburg researchers of the meta-analysis, Tobias Böttger, Michael Poschik and Klaus Zierer, come to a clear recommendation on this issue: The use of digital media must be regulated, controlled and monitored for educational reasons. Media education must therefore encompass two perspectives: “On the one hand, children in particular must be protected from uncontrolled use of smartphones in terms of content and time.” General bans, particularly in schools, would also be helpful, as recently mentioned by UNESCO in its Global Education Monitoring Report (2023). The elementary school in particular, but also the lower grades of secondary schools should be considered here. “On the other hand, school concepts must be developed,” argues the Augsburg research group in their article, “that introduce young people to the use of smartphones with a sense of proportion and focus on a high degree of self-reflection and personal responsibility.”

Effects on Reproduction, pregnancy and children

The study by seven renowned experts under the direction of Prof. Linda Birnbaumthe former director of the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS): With their latest study, they present for the first time a comprehensive overview of the research findings on the effects of mobile phone radiation on reproduction, pregnancy and children, such as diagnose:funk reports. The researchers are calling on doctors to take family exposure to radiation into account when screening children. The authors also state that the limit values for the protection of people against mobile phone radiation no longer correspond to the current state of science. They do not guarantee the protection of people.

Preventive measures and recommendations

The experts call for prevention through education and formulate ten tips for families to minimize their children’s exposure: The most important measures are to keep the radiating device away from the brain and body and to watch films before and then switch to a radiation-free flight mode before the child gets hold of the device. In their own guidelines, they propose specific measures to reduce exposure in schools, among other things. It also refers to numerous recommendations from other US health authorities for reducing radio radiation at home and at school.

Generate a harmonic oscillation field

How can you protect yourself and your children from high-frequency radiation and electrosmog? “The law of resonance states that no resonances can occur in an oscillating field with oscillations whose frequencies lie outside those of the field,” says Richard Neubersch. In other words: In a harmonic oscillation field, artificial radiation has no effect, regardless of who generates it, whether it comes from a neighbor or a nearby mobile phone mast. The mobile products from Swiss Harmony (BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet and the BioPatch) harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic vibration as information to the human energy system. This means that artificially created radiation fields can no longer resonate.

Protection from harmful radiation
In concrete terms, this means that Products from Swiss Harmony for harmonizing houses and apartments ensure that the electricity that supplies a building with electricity receives a different message. “They transfer the information of the visible light spectrum to the passing current via the resonance path, which in turn distributes it throughout the entire effective range of the circuit,” explains Richard Neubersch. The electromagnetic field of the apartment or house thus becomes a harmonious field. In-house WLAN transmitters, cell phones or cordless phones are interference-free because they are connected to the harmonic current field and therefore emit the same harmonic information.

Book tip: “Funkstille
In his
book “Funkstille”, Richard Neubersch from Swiss Harmony describes the context in which topics such as 5G, corona and the like can be seen. “The discussions about the connections between coronavirus and 5G are increasing and it has never been more important to keep a cool head. You need to develop an inner attitude that allows you to remain centered at heart despite the extreme situation,” says the author. “Funkstille” is more than just a book about Swiss Harmony and mobile telephony. It sees itself as a help to stay centered in the heart despite the extreme situation that is currently keeping the world on tenterhooks.

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