Combi package

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The personal basic equipment for on the go reliably harmonizes the body and the cell phone.


Our combination package offers perfect protection for adults and active children with cell phones

The BioPendant is robust and strong and can withstand an active day of play, especially with children. It protects against electrosmog anywhere and, above all, ensures deep sleep if it is not taken off at night. In addition, a harmonization takes place in the organism, which can lead to increased concentration and more balanced behaviour.

The BioPendant can be ordered in 3 variations: inside without engraving, or engraved with hearts or with stars.

The BioPatch ensures reliable interference suppression of the cell phone, whose harmful radiation effects cannot be compensated by the BioPedanten due to its close proximity to the body.
Our products all have the following effect:
– neutralize electrosmog
– help with exhaustion & burnout
– harmonize your body
– strengthen the ability to concentrate
– improve well-being
– increase stamina
– also protect against 5G

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