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BioPatch plus BodyCard: personal all-round protection against radiation exposure


The BioPatch is our all round talent. It can be worn on the body, for example in the trouser or shirt pocket.

But we mainly developed it to be used in smartphones and tablet computers. Smartphones generally emit multiple radio frequencies at the same time (mobile data transfer, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc.). Place it on the back of the smartphone. Or place it between your phone and case if you are using a protective case.

Attention for iPhones: The older models have an aluminum back wall. This material does not let information through. In this case, the BioPatch must cover an area that is not made of aluminum. Click here for a guide for its correct installation.

The BodyCard puts your body in a harmonic vibration field. Artificial frequencies can then no longer generate resonances. As a rule, it is insensitive to any electrosmog exposure.

The only exception: the smartphone. If you are not using a BioPatch, its radiation energy directly at your brain cells is stronger than the body’s own cell energy. Your cells would be damaged too much in the long run.

With the combination of BodyCard and BioPatch, however, you are well equipped.

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Is home harmonization necessary if everyone in the family is already wearing a personal product?

Very good question.
With a personal harmonization with BioRing/BioAmreif/BioPendant or the like, you are of course already protected, but you are always dependent on the energy balance of the body. The energy level in the body rises and falls naturally throughout the day. If the energy level is high, then the harmonization strength is also high. The opposite is true for low energy levels in the body.
When a house is harmonized by a BioHome, you are not affected by such fluctuations because the energy level in the house is generally static. Therefore, after harmonization, you should avoid using mains isolators or deliberately blowing fuses.
Harmonization also has the additional advantage of improving the indoor climate. A higher proportion of negative ions in the air also makes it generally cleaner.
In addition, everything that is connected to the electricity is also harmonized, which means that the food in the fridge lasts much longer.