Scientifically uncovered: Fatal cancers caused by mobile phone masts

A networked world. The mobile generation – desired for years, now feared. According to the latest scientific findings, “full network reception” in your own four walls brings no benefit, but a considerable health risk. According to a Brazilian study, over 7,000 cancer patients died as a result of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby mobile phone antennas.

Insidious homeland

Scientists at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) have established a direct link between cancer deaths in Belo Horizonte and the surrounding cell phone masts. More than 80 percent of the cancer patients who died in Brazil’s third largest city lived less than 500 meters from at least one of the 300 mobile phone antennas. The study also concluded that the small distance radius of 1000 meters to the mobile phone masts was responsible for the fatal cancerous tumors in the prostate, breast, lung, kidney and liver in a total of 7191 residents who died between 1996 and 2006. The South American study thus only confirms the consequences of the risk factor of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, which calculates radiation-induced cancer as a result of constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, since 1970 many studies have increasingly investigated the link between cancer and radio masts, including scientists from San Francisco as well as from cities in Germany, Austria and Israel. The joint result gives cause for concern: permanent proximity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) increases the risk of cancer by up to 121 percent.

Cell phone masts do not cause a state of rest – cell phone opponents are also at risk

The spread of the cell phone network and the proliferation of cell phone masts thus inevitably lead to a serious generational problem. The danger is therefore not only in your own hands: with the decision for or against owning a cell phone. Rather, the more significant threat in the near future is around every corner. Dr. Leif Salford, Chairman of Lund University Hospital in Sweden, has been studying the effects of radiofrequency fields and microwave radiation since 1975. He refers to the constant exposure to transmission masts as “passive cell phone use”. The Austrian Medical Association came to the same conclusion in its environmental medical assessment of electromagnetic fields in April 2007. According to the study, exposure to surrounding cell phone masts has a more massive impact on health than exposure to cell phones, as the dangerous radio masts emit permanent pulsed radio frequency radiation and thus exhibit persistent activity. The human organism therefore has no chance to recover at any time and must inevitably expect damage.

Cancer is not the only consequence of radiation exposure

Dr. Adilza Condessa Dode, engineering scientist and coordinator of the current Brazilian study, proves this thesis with her latest results. Cell phone masts emit continuous radio frequency radiation, which can cause cancer as well as other physical ailments such as memory disorders, brain diseases, infertility, dementia and heart complications.

Condessa Dode thus draws attention to an important problem in our society that can also affect future generations. The mobile communications industry is called upon to provide better information and to set up its wireless network at least far away from schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Wolfram König, President of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, criticizes the mobile communications industry for its lack of transparency and lack of involvement of local authorities in the erection of mobile phone masts and thus joins hands with the South American study. The deadly consequences of the radiation wave are now a scientific fact – but a lot of educational work still needs to be done to reach consumers and industry in the long term.


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