Water crystal pictures

Water crystal images ingeniously show the information status of the examined water. We have the Japanese Masuro Emoto to thank for this process, who left the physical plane in October 2014, but whose spiritual legacy continues to fascinate our world and is still being cultivated by the Emoto Labos.

Ernst F. Braun from Uttigen (CH) got to know Masuro Emoto and his method for creating water crystal images personally and today, together with his daughter, Sarah Steinmann, offers interested customers the opportunity to create water crystal images from water samples.

We visited him, had a look around his laboratory and carried out two tests.


Test 1: Water sample with a harmonized smartphone

The first test consisted of placing a sample of distilled water on the back of a smartphone that had been harmonized with a BioPatch. This can easily be seen in the photo opposite.

We wanted to find out whether a smartphone, when harmonized with a BioPatch, can give the water positive information and thus produce the same water crystals that are specific to healthy water.

Water sample on the back of a smartphone that has been harmonized with a Swiss Harmony BioPatch.

The sample was left on the smartphone for 20 minutes and then Ernst Braun took a few drops of this sample and froze it.

We were very excited and had to wait a few days before we received the result by e-mail.

The result was very satisfactory. Here you can see one of the water crystal pictures he was able to take of this water sample.

Water crystal image after exposure on a smartphone harmonized with a Swiss Harmony BioPatch.


Test 2: Water sample with WaterTuner

In the second test, we filled distilled water into a glass and then placed a water MiniTuner in it.

You can also see this test arrangement in the enclosed photo.

Water sample with the Mini-WaterTuner from Swiss Harmony

The aim here was to find out whether our WaterTuner can have a positive influence on the information status and thus on the quality of the water sample.

In this experiment, we also let the water rest for 20 minutes and let the WaterTuner take effect.

A few drops were then taken from the sample and frozen.

The good news came with the results of the first test: successful. See the photo below:

Water crystal image after exposure with a Mini-WaterTuner from Swiss Harmony

For comparison, we show here a picture of the distilled water:

The process for producing the water crystal images is documented here by Mr. Braun. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Other tests

Nila's test - Berlin

Here we present a test that our Berlin representative, Hans-Dieter Ehrhardt, had carried out on a customer.

Nila's test - Cologne

Once again, we wanted to find out more and asked Olaf Baumunk, head of the Institute for Resonance Phenomena in Houses, Baden-Württemberg, to accompany us on a house harmonization and to use one of his many test devices to check the extent to which the harmonization of the house affects its inhabitants.

Aschoff stimulus test

Olaf Baumunk is a bioplasmatist and runs an institute for resonance phenomena in southern Germany. He tests the effects of products on the human organism. He uses the Aschoff stimulus test for this purpose.

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