GDV camera tests

GDV means: Gas Discharge Visualization (gas discharge process)
Every person generates a subtle energy field that has an effect far beyond the physical body.
Gas discharge technology makes it possible to record and analyze this field as a whole and in relation to specific organs and organ systems.
With an integrated digital camera and corresponding special software, the bioenergetic radiation can be reliably interpreted and displayed.

First a black and white picture is taken. The software converts the image into colors and analyzes the quality and intensity of the photon radiation. The presentation is in the form of a diagram, tables, curves or projection images. It is a modern form of Kirlian photography.


We have used the GDV camera for various of our products:



We wanted to know to what extent the CarTuner affects the driver’s constitution and conducted a test with Jessica in Zurich in which we analyzed her three times with a GDV camera. Jessica is English, about 50 years old and doesn’t exactly know her way around Zurich.

Here is the result:

Jessica gained a little more energy after the first ride, which is perhaps due to an increased adrenaline supply. Their overall balance has decreased by 2%.

After the second run with the CarTuner, the differences are obvious: Jessica’s energy has increased from 49 to 63 joules and her overall balance has increased by 11% to 96%.



See here what effect wearing the BodyCard has on the energy field of Martin H. (approx. 35 years old) from Basel after just 10 minutes.


In the case of a home harmonization, the well-being of the residents can also be tested before and after the harmonization.
Let us look at the most recent example. This is Sebastian K. (approx. 35 years old) from the Sauerland region, who has renovated a nice detached house of an older vintage and is about to move in.

Sebastian already has a good general balance, but his energy field is surprisingly weak in comparison. Immediately after the installation of our products, the measurement with 46 joules and 95% balance does not show the slightest difference. Only the graphical representation differs significantly from the first graphic. A clear indication of energetic upheavals.

30 minutes after installation, its energy status has already increased significantly to 54 joules.

Other tests

Aura photography

During the "Lebenskraft" health fair in Zurich, we took advantage of the presence of an exhibitor who photographed people's auras using Kirlian technology. We asked various customers to have a photo taken before and after using our products.

Nila's test - Cologne

Once again, we wanted to find out more and asked Olaf Baumunk, head of the Institute for Resonance Phenomena in Houses, Baden-Württemberg, to accompany us on a house harmonization and to use one of his many test devices to check the extent to which the harmonization of the house affects its inhabitants.

Water crystal pictures

Water crystal images ingeniously show the information status of the examined water. We have the Japanese Masuro Emoto to thank for this process, who left the physical plane in October 2014, but whose spiritual legacy continues to fascinate our world and is still being cultivated by the Emoto Labos.

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