BodyCard lets my wife sleep better

My wife did very well the whole time and felt very comfortable and slept much better than usual This was very impressive for both her and me, as my wife usually reacts to such things with insomnia and pain in various parts of her body. She has also noticed improved vision, in particular a more intense perception of colors in nature.

BodyCard lets me be much more centered

I myself have noticed that I am more centered with the BodyCard, so my body awareness is more intense and I can fully feel my feet as they stand on the floor. This was often not the case before the BodyCard was used. My ability to get out of the situation when things get hectic and stressful and to counter this with calm has increased enormously.

After a “working day” at the PC, I don’t feel so extremely “exhausted”, weak and confused and my vision is also better afterwards. Before, I always had a kind of haze in front of my eyes and everything was a bit blurry. I was then unable to focus clearly on anything. This has changed since the BodyCard was introduced.

I always eat a lot in the evening and I’ve noticed that this is no longer the case with the BodyCard. The need has decreased and the quantities have roughly halved. I didn’t expect that and will keep an eye on it.
Furthermore, there seems to be more “free space” in my head. Somehow it also seems clearer in my head. I often had the feeling that something was “wafting” around in it, which is not the case with the BodyCard.

Our conclusion: the BodyCard works!

Renate & Bernd M., Aachen (D)