The effect of the CarTuner is certified

Now it’s official: the effect of the CarTuner has been officially confirmed.

Our customers have known this for a long time and our own experience has also shown it clearly: The CarTuner not only reduces electrosmog in the car but also fuel consumption.
The certified English company
Emissions Analytics Ltd
. has now proven and officially confirmed this in a scientific test.

Emissions Analytics has certified that the CarTuner not only reduces fuel consumption by up to 4.6%, but also CO2 emissions by up to 4.4%.
What is sensational, however, is that carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by up to 40% with the CarTuner.

These results relate in two cases to urban traffic and in the third case to country roads. The average values and a detailed test description with the differentiated results can be found in the report from Emissions Analytics Ltd.

It is understandable that the measurement results for fuel savings did not reach the values we expected, as the vehicle was tested within 24 hours of the CarTuner being fitted. Our experience shows that the full effect of the CarTuner only becomes apparent after around 1000 kilometers have been driven. We intend to carry out further tests in summer 2016, which should confirm this and demonstrate fuel savings of between 15 and 20% as well as emission reductions of 20% (CO2) and 80% (CO).

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