Underestimated radio radiation from baby monitors

Baby monitors are practical. They relieve parents of babies and toddlers. But the devices also harbor dangers: The high-frequency radio radiation is harmful to both children and parents – similar to cell phones.

It’s a good feeling to know that as parents you can move away from the nursery thanks to baby monitors and the like and still monitor your child while they sleep. However, this “good feeling” has its downsides: The baby monitor is based on the same DECT technology we know from cordless phones. As a result, the child and the parents are constantly exposed to radio frequency radiation. In contrast to a cell phone, which transmits and receives as a terminal device, a baby monitor always has two terminal devices: the high-frequency EMF continuous transmitter is located right next to the baby and the receiver is located next to the parents. If you install a baby monitor at home, you are effectively bringing the transmitter mast and the telephone set directly into your home.

High-frequency radiation in the children’s room
In 2011, K-Tipp conducted a test with eight baby monitors in collaboration with the PZT laboratory in Wilhelmshaven (Germany). Of the devices tested, four were equipped with outdated DECT technology (Philips, Topcom, Switel and Chicco). According to the test report, the devices transmit continuously and cause pulsed high-frequency radiation. The constant pulsing and radiation need not be the case, as modern DECT devices show. They continuously adjust their transmission power – depending on the distance between the handset and the base station. “As long as the baby station is always radiating, such a device must not be set up near babies or small children,” test manager Wolfgang Herter told K-Tipp. Apart from ensuring a sufficient distance between the receiver and the child, it is also recommended to run the baby monitor on battery or rechargeable battery. This is because the power supply unit and cable also contribute to radiation exposure. This could be better avoided with shielded power supply units and cables. If the appliance has an eco button, this should definitely be selected, according to the K-Tipp test.

No devices that transmit continuously
Nevertheless, in addition to mobile and cordless phones, baby monitors must also be considered a health hazard, especially for babies and children. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) recommends keeping the child’s exposure to radiation as low as possible, not using devices that transmit continuously and ensuring a distance of 50 centimeters between the adapter and the child’s bed. In addition, according to the FOPH, the long-term effects of this radiation on children are unknown, as for ethical reasons it is not permitted to carry out long-term experiments on children.

Children react differently to adults!
In the USA, however, a 2014 study confirmed the risks to children from radiation exposure from smartphones, tablet PCs and Wi-Fi. The environmental and consumer organization for protection against electromagnetic radiation Diagnose-Funk e.V. published the translation of the study by Morgan, Kesari, Davis under the title “Why children absorb microwave radiation more strongly than adults”. Children are already passively exposed to non-ionizing microwave radiation from smartphones, DECT phones, WLAN, etc. during the embryonic phase. According to the study, the correct dosage for children is not known, nor are the consequences of radiation for children. Due to their body size, children have different “antennas” than adults. In addition, they have a different water content, thinner bones and a more active metabolism. “Cell division takes place much more frequently as a result of growth, and cells are particularly vulnerable or can be influenced during division,” writes Diagnose-Funk.

Increased risk of brain tumors
According to Diagnose-Funk, many studies show that children absorb more microwave radiation than adults, even twice as much in the skull. The radiation penetrates deeper into the brain of children between the ages of five and ten because the skin and skull bones are thinner and the bone marrow is more extensive. Several studies have also found a significantly increased risk of brain tumors in children and adolescents due to cell phones. The industry itself now also warns that the devices should be worn at a certain distance from the body, as otherwise the limit values could be exceeded. But the problem also lies with the limit values: these have not changed since 1986, although a large number of scientific studies – according to Diagnose-Funk – have identified risks below the limit values. The limits were set by organizations that have an industrial rather than a medical background …

Fabrice Müller


Swiss Harmony: Protection against harmful radiation
“Swiss Harmony” products for harmonizing houses and apartments ensure that the electricity that supplies a building with electricity receives a different message. They transmit the information of the visible light spectrum to the passing current via the resonance path, which in turn distributes it throughout the entire effective range of the circuit. The electromagnetic field of the apartment or house becomes a harmonious field. Home Wi-Fi transmitters or cordless telephones are interference-free because they are connected to the harmonic current field and therefore emit the same harmonic information.

Generate a harmonic oscillation field
The law of resonance states that no resonances can occur in an oscillating field with oscillations whose frequencies lie outside those of the field. In other words: In a harmonic oscillation field, artificial radiation has no effect, regardless of who generates it, whether it comes from a neighbor or a nearby mobile phone mast. The mobile products from Swiss Harmony (BioRing, BodyCard, BioBracelet and the BioPatch) harmonize the human body by transmitting the harmonic vibration as information to the human energy system. This means that artificially created radiation fields can no longer resonate.

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