W-lan: Irreparable damage to children’s reproductive organs

As the topic is omnipresent, we translate here an excerpt of the work “Our children, our future, our responsibility – wireless technologies – an urgent national and global emergency” from Canada.

It quotes the British ex-agent and radiation expert Barrie Trower on page 8. According to his testimony before the US court, children and their offspring are in danger. It says:

“The problem is that microwave radiation (as used for wi-fi technology) damages the genetic structure of little girls’ ovaries. Girls have all the eggs they need for life from birth. They are immature eggs and therefore susceptible to damage during growth. Microwaves are genotoxic, so radiofrequency radiation can affect the genetic structure in the egg cells. The problem is that the mitochondrial DNA, i.e. the genes in the ovaries, cannot be repaired once damage has occurred. If a young girl is damaged by this mechanism and she later has a daughter, the daughter will inherit this genetic problem. It is irreparable. Every female offspring will therefore carry this problem and pass it on.”

He also refers to Dr. Goldsworthy, who published an extensive research paper back in 2007. This shows the mechanism by which radiofrequency radiation destroys human cells and predicts that genetic damage to sperm and egg cells leads to (genetically) mutated offspring.

If we now think of all the children who play, learn, etc. with tablets and similar wireless devices in their laps and possibly have to pay the high price of infertility, then it is advisable to have a home harmonization carried out. With this measure, not only the Wi-Fi and the remaining electrosmog inside and outside the house are simultaneously suppressed, but also all cell phones and tablet computers.

Original article: (PDF Document)

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