When cosmic forces are at work

At the beginning of September, violent magnetic storms were recorded on the sun. At the same time, the earth was hit by numerous natural disasters. The German researcher Dieter Broers sees very concrete connections here.

The crew of the ISS apparently had to flee to safety when a severe magnetic storm from the sun affected the cosmic weather on September 6 and 8. The all-clear was only given after another solar storm of magnitude X8.2 on September 10, as the German researcher Dieter Broers reports on his website. Broers has been studying weak (non-thermal) electromagnetic fields and their effects on biological systems since 1981. These severe solar storms apparently also affected the Earth.

Electromagnetically induced expansion of consciousness
But what does this actually mean for us, and is the current media scaremongering justified?
” In almost 40 years, I have repeatedly experienced the effects of very weak electromagnetic fields on people. As a result of my university research, proof of their different effects has been provided,” says Dieter Broers. According to the researcher, one of the most astounding results was the psychological changes that occurred in the test subjects and patients during exposure to these electromagnetic fields (radio waves) occurred. “As we were repeatedly told by these patients, repressed memories came up in them, which led to heightened emotions.” As it apparently turned out, these – sometimes traumatic – flashbacks and insights were related to their illness. Dieter Broers speaks of electromagnetically induced expansion of consciousness”.

The influence of cosmic fields
After Dieter Broers had been comparing our therapy parameters (frequencies, modulations, pulse shape and amplitude/intensity) with the cosmic and earth fields since the early 1990s , he noticed a “remarkable similarity”. According to this, ” the cosmic fields have a strikingly similar influence on us humans. I also see the current particularly violent eruptions of our sun against this background. As can be seen from a published study
“The Global Coherence Initiative: Creating a Coherent Planetary Standing Wave”
once again clearly shows that these parameters do not have a particularly beneficial effect on people – at least at first glance. According to the study, physical symptoms, which worsen with the increase in the speed of the solar winds and magnetic activity at the poles of the Earth’s axis, improve with the increase in solar radio radiation. In other words, as solar radiation increases, fatigue, anxiety and confusion decrease, while positive affect, well-being and dream activity increase. “These effects are partly the result of the increase in energy that reaches us via the sun’s radio waves,” explains Dieter Broers.

In the sense of a divine order
“I see the current solar activities and a considerable part of the cosmic radiation they trigger as impulses in the sense of a divine order. The positive aspects of the increase in energy will ultimately predominate and help us to transform negativity. Dieter Broers is convinced that “without this support from the sun and the cosmos (and from ‘all the way up above’) this would not be possible”. The turbulence in the Earth’s gravitational field caused by the solar eclipse in the USA and its effect on our electromagnetic field has led to further serious climate events and earthquakes, which have catastrophically affected a large number of people and caused immeasurable damage. “We were very lucky that the number of victims who lost their lives was relatively small. Even if it’s not much consolation for those affected, it could have been much worse. Looking at the wave of solidarity that has now set in, I have a feeling of gratitude,” says Dieter Broers and emphasizes: “Even if the price always seems too high, these events were also another important wake-up call that reminds us how fragile our planet ultimately is and that we must do everything in our power to protect it.”

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