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Part 3: How do I find water veins?

If you have a garden, you may notice that some plants grow and thrive while others do not develop at all or even die. Both plants and animals react differently to radiation: either they are radiation seekers or radiation avoiders. For a comprehensive list of animals and plants please read the Earth Rays pages.

Tree growths are a typical indication of water veins and other types of earth radiation.


Lilacs, for example, are radiation avoiders. They barely manage to survive exposure to radiation fields. If you have a lilac bush in your garden that refuses to thrive, there is a strong possibility that it is planted over a water vein or another form of geopathic stress. Indoor plants can also be indicators of water veins. Does your begonia refuse to flourish or look withered and lackluster? Try moving it to another space. Its current location might have radiation. By way of contrast, cats love irradiated areas under the influence of water veins and other geopathic stresses. If your cat prefers to sleep on your bed even when you aren’t in it, it’s more than likely that your bed is located over a water vein or another source of earth radiation.

Cats love water veins


If you find none of these indicators in your home but suffer from any of the symptoms listed, we recommend either calling a Building Biologist or installing Swiss Harmony as soon as possible.

But even you can be aware of the symptoms of water veins. Have you ever woken up with muscle or joint pain? Do you feel drained even before you start the day? Chronic back pain or neck tension can also be signs of exposure to water veins. Water veins influence us much in the way they influence trees if we are exposed to them every night.

Can I see or measure water veins myself?

Infants will quickly crawl away from a water vein if they are placed over it.


Humans are stress avoiders. Two hundred years ago we were still capable of perceiving water veins and other earth radiation intuitively. Infants and young children retain this ability. If you put a baby in an area plagued by geopathic stress, it will try to crawl away from it.

There is, however, another way of checking whether water veins or geopathic stresses are present in your home. You may even have the tools needed to do this at home or as an app on your Smartphone.

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