Part 5: Swiss Harmony and Energy Systems

Everything is vibration

Oscillations in the informational field affect energy. The informational field of all Swiss Harmony products is large enough to produce change when they are placed in contact with an energy system. The size of each device corresponds to the size of the energy system with which it works. For example, the Phone card is relatively small and is designed specifically for mobile phones. Because of its size, its impulses would be too weak to change the vibrational field created by the electrical system of a whole house.

The above pictures show two ways of installing Swiss Harmony’s Climate BioTuner.
The above pictures show two ways of installing Swiss Harmony’s Climate BioTuner.

The adjacent pictures above show two ways of applying a Climate BioTuner to the electrical system. In the picture on the left, the BioTuner is applied to the main power cable immediately after the point where it enters the house; the picture on the right shows the fuse box in a rented apartment—in this case the Climate BioTuner only supplies the specific apartment in which harmonization is desired.

The law of resonance ensures successful harmonization

When information is applied to energy, it starts to move. The result is vibration. The kind of vibration depends on the nature of the informational content and the energy system on which it acts. Scientists express vibration in frequency units. Put simply, frequency units indicate how many oscillations there are per second. Everything in our reality vibrates at different frequencies. If one frequency is superior to another in terms of its consistency and pulse, the inferior frequency tries to equal it—it resonates.

To see an example of this please watch the following video:

Accordingly, if an energy field such as an electromagnetic field or the body’s own electric field receives a constant pulse of harmony from the Swiss Harmony devices, it takes on this information and vibrates harmoniously. Sustainable harmonization has taken place.

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