Part 3: Swiss Harmony creates natural conditions

The solution: creating natural conditions

Home harmonization
Home harmonization makes it possible for you to create a natural, harmonious, living environment.

Swiss Harmony has the ability to create the same frequency spectrum that existed ‘back in the day’ when everything was still “pure nature”.

In a natural environment, your body can breathe and relax and thus restore its natural balance. Whether you develop headaches, burnout, or any other symptoms from exposure to electrosmog, you usually experience immediate relief after installing Swiss Harmony in your home.


The physical background of Swiss Harmony

Waxwork of Albert Einstein Photo courtesy of Petr Kratochvil
Waxwork of Albert Einstein Photo courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

Albert Einstein is said to have stated that, after thorough research and penetrating deeper and deeper into matter, one must ultimately recognize that all matter basically consists of only two components: information and energy.

Since then, other quantum physicists have confirmed his conclusion.

Looking at matter under a microscope, you find molecules that are composed of different elements. If you look at these molecules under the microscope, we find atoms. The basic building blocks of an atom are: the nucleus (consisting of protons and neutrons) and electrons.


Finally, after thorough analysis, we found out that the atomic nucleus is not matter at all, but rather informed energy. If the two basic components of creation are energy and information, then it follows that each of these components needs the other to be effective to become “reality.” In addition to the “here and now,” there are the past and the future. The past belongs to the information area, because it consists of stored memories. The future already exists, to a certain degree, in the informational field but only becomes reality when it is combined with energy.


The Swiss Harmony BioTuner: concentrated information

Harmonization with the Swiss Harmony Climate BioTuner brings nature back into every home.
Harmonization with the Swiss Harmony Climate BioTuner brings nature back into every home.


All products by Swiss Harmony consist of nothing but “concentrated” information imprinted in matter. Because of their components, they emit an informational impulse into the environment. Yet, as we explain above, information needs energy to have an effect. Therefore, these products are relatively ineffective on their own. Once they are introduced into an energy field, however, this changes quickly. At this point, the information stored in the tuner is transferred onto the energy field by the principle of resonance, guaranteeing permanent harmonization.

You can imagine it as follows:
The electricity that flows into the house is unorganized, chaotic, and aggressive in its informational nature. When the electricity flows past the BioTuner it gets calmed down and organized (Harmonized), this happens because the ordered and benevolent information on the BioTuner is of a higher order than the chaos in the unharmonized electricity.
The Harmonic field is then set up and then the second phase of resonance takes place when the body cannot go into resonance with the harmful frequencies because they do not resonate with the body.

There are many kinds of energy fields, such as the electric field in your home, car or telephone. But the human body is also an energy field, which, like water, receives information.

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