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Swiss Harmony Scientifically Explained

Swiss Harmony Scientifically explained by the Aschoff Test

We have been asked many times if there was any scientific explanation that our technology and products work. Alongside years of happy clients and a satisfaction rate of over 95% we have now had the privilege of being scientifically explained by the German Research Institute for Resonance Phenomena.

Olaf Baumunk is a Bioplasmatist and tests products like our to check if they hold up to scrutiny. By his own admission, he has never seen results like he has with our products.

Olaf Baumunk uses the Aschoff Test, wich uses ting points near the fingernail. Ting points are like acupuncture points. With this device, which can be seen to the left, he can measure the electrical resistance of the skin.

The standard value of a healthy person runs at about 40 kilo ohm. But this value is generally not achieved. Usually the value is up to 60 – 70 kilo ohm.

The test is repeated in a resting state, stress state and then a stress state with our product. The results are better than anything that the institute has seen before.

All of the results can be seen here.


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