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WiFi Causes Irreparable Damage to Youths reproductive organs. Girl’s Eggs and boy’s Sperm – Affecting All Future Generations

Children and all of their future offspring are at risk of damage in the form of mutations of their eggs according to world renowned experts as testified in US courts by Barrie Trower. In his testimony, Mr. Trower states that:

“72. The problem with young girls is that microwave radiation has been shown to damage the genetic structure in their ovaries. Girls are born with all of the eggs they need in their ovaries at birth. They are immature eggs, hence susceptible to damage during growth. Microwaves are genotoxic (experiments can be linked to children showing low-level mobile telephone radiation disrupts the biochemistry of follicle cells in a mammalian egg chamber), hence the microwave radiation could affect the genetic structure within the eggs. The problem here is that the mitochondrial DNA, the genes inside the ovaries, is irreparable

[1][2][3] If you have a little girl in whom there is damage through this mechanism to the genetic structure in one of her eggs, and she has a daughter, that daughter will carry that genetic problem. It is irreparable. And her daughter in turn will carry that genetic problem, because it is irreparable. And every female forever, in that line, will carry that problem in perpetuity, because it is irreparable…

Trower goes on to cite additional research and evidence in support of this catastrophic damage:

73. I believe the most important research I have read is from Dr. Goldsworthy, The Biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields (2007), Dr. Goldsworthy not only shows the mechanism by which microwaves disrupt cells, but also predicts that a genetically damaged sperm and egg lead to mutant offspring. If you think of children with these transmitters near their laps, the question must be, “Why do this for the sake of a piece of cable and a plug, which could replace WI-FI with no loss of performance, and in fact improved performance?”

Source: http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.ch/2014/12/wi-fi-causes-irreparable-damage-to.html

original paper: Our children, our future, our responsibility – wireless technologies – an urgent, national and global emergency